7 Quick Takes Friday – Volume 90

7_quick_takes_sm1Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Jen’s Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. A Subtle Grace Progress/Interesting 1907 Photo
I’ve been working diligently implementing edits on my upcoming novel, A Subtle Grace, and I think I’m nearly done. In doing research, I discovered several cool photos from the early 1900’s with so much clarity and detail, I felt like I was there. Below is one of the photos of the Seaside (House) Hotel in Atlantic City (three characters visit this hotel during my novel). To see a super high resolution version, click here.

photo courtesy Shorpy

photo courtesy Shorpy

2. Atlantic City (late 19th Century) Pamphlet
Also in my ongoing research, I found this cool Atlantic City pamphlet from the 1880’s. Fascinating stuff (I love history!) Luxurious rooms at hotels at the time were between four and five dollars. Research for the 21st century author is as easy as sitting at the computer!

3. Don’t You Forget About Me Release Date Coming Soon!
FQ Publishing’s upcoming novel, Don’t You Forget About Me, will be released on November 1st. Check out the novel’s website to see the book trailer, read a synopsis and peruse advanced reviews. Erin McCole Cupp, author, will be doing a blog tour beginning a week or so before and well into November. I’ll be interviewing Erin on November 1st and doing a giveaway of a free print edition and free Kindle edition. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!First Createspace Front

4. Immense Bird Sighting
Not sure I’ve ever seen this before and I don’t think I captured it very well in the photo. As I waited for my son to finish work, I happened to notice an enormous group of birds (perhaps sparrows? Not sure) flying in unison. I’ve seen birds flying together before, but not this many. I probably should have taken a video, but this photo will have to suffice (the darkish area in the middle are the birds…)

copyright Ellen Hrkach

copyright Ellen Hrkach

5. Skinny Popcorn
I’ve discovered this wonderful and diet conscious snack. Costco carried it for a short time on a trial basis up here in Canada (and it evidently flew off the shelves), but it’s widely available in the USA and available on Amazon.com. It is the best popcorn I’ve ever tasted and I don’t have to feel guilty eating it because it’s only about 40 calories a bowlful. Here’s the Skinny Popcorn website.

6. Reading Shelf
I’m currently reading two unpublished manuscripts for the CWG Seal of Approval and, while I can’t say the titles, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the first one and I am equally entertained with the second (reviews will follow, along with the names of the books!)

7. Another One Cartoon

Cartoon copyright James and Ellen Hrkach, Full Quiver Publishing Please do not use without permission

Cartoon copyright James and Ellen Hrkach, Full Quiver Publishing Please do not use without permission

Copyright 2013 Ellen Gable Hrkach

5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – Volume 90

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  2. We have those swarms of birds around here in the wintertime, mostly, but I’ve already seen them this fall. I never noticed them when I was a kid, but they are breathtaking (and they’re loud, too!). They fly in the thousands; the first time I saw them I think I drove three miles down the highway and they were still coming. It was incredible. I’ve become less enamored with them over time, as they sometimes choose to land in our back yard and chatter. All several thousand of them.

  3. Ellen,

    I enjoyed your quick takes! I was especially interested to hear about progress on A Subtle Grace. You have some fans over here in Australia impatiently awaiting its publication! I gave a copy of In Name Only to a friend as a birthday gift and not surprisingly she LOVED it.

    God bless!

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