7 Quick Takes Friday – Volume 100

7_quick_takes_sm1Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Jen’s Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. A Subtle Grace Update
My editor has finished working on the manuscript of A Subtle Grace and I will be implementing her suggested edits in the coming weeks. The next step will be to have my team of beta readers share their feedback. My capable proofreaders will then carefully read through the manuscript for typos. The Kindle edition will (fingers crossed) be published in January or February. Print edition will be available in the spring.A Subtle Grace front cover Nov2013

2. Advent Wreath Link-Up
If you missed my post about the Advent Wreath Link-Up, it’s not too late to add your own Advent wreath photo.Advent Wreath

3. Christmas Tree Farm
We’re heading to the Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm over the weekend to cut down our Christmas Tree.trees

4. Christmas Miracles
Another favorite book of mine that I read around this time is a book called Christmas Miracles. It’s a lovely book with heartwarming and inspiring stories. Highly recommend!

5. Crazy Love by Eileen Leamy (mini-review)
Crazy Love is a beautiful story of love and faith, joy and loss. Based on true events, Harry and Eileen were blessed to find love late in life. Harry was eventually diagnosed with cancer and their love story becomes a fervent plea to God. Uplifting, heartfelt and inspiring, I highly recommend it!! Buy it here on Amazon.Crazy Love alt green grey front

6. Reading Shelf
A.K.A Genius by Marilee Haynes (published by Pauline Books and Media)

7. Christmas Card Humor
(Last year’s original Hrkach Family Christmas card)

image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach 2012

image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach 2012

Copyright 2013 Ellen Gable Hrkach

5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – Volume 100

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  2. Ellen,

    I wonder if it’s difficult entrusting your manuscript to an editor when you are an editor yourself. Do you think you are too close to your own story to see any defects which another editor may pick up on? Anyway, I am so pleased to hear your new novel will soon be available. I will be treating myself to a new year’s present when I buy a copy!

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