Sunday Snippets – Merry Christmas

Image copyright Ellen Gable Hrkach

Image copyright Ellen Gable Hrkach

Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at RAnn’s Place for Sunday Snippets where we share posts from the previous week and answer a weekly question.

Today’s question: Tell us about your family’s Christmas traditions. Our Christmas traditions begin with putting out the Advent wreath on the first Sunday of Advent and reading a prayer as we light the candle(s) every evening at dinner. Around the second or third Sunday of Advent, we travel to the local Christmas tree farm and chop down our Balsam tree and put it up near the fourth Sunday of Advent. Then we bake cookies and watch a variety of Christmas movies in the days leading up to Christmas. Sometime before Christmas, the boys pose in front of the Christmas tree (we have photos from just about every year with them posing in front of the tree). On Christmas Eve, we attend the latest Mass on Christmas Eve and, early the next morning, after singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, we open presents. Yes, even though our sons are 14 and older, we still insist they sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. The day usually ends with a huge turkey meal with family here at our house (although this year, we’ll be having a huge meal on Boxing Day/St. Stephen’s Day. Below is one of the posed photos of my sons from 2006.

Copyright James Hrkach (Christmas 2006)

Copyright James Hrkach (Christmas 2006)

Here are my posts from the previous week:

Manger Memories (A story about our very special manger, given to me by my late mother.)

7 Quick Takes Friday – Favorite Christmas Movie Quotes (please feel free to share your own)

Since we have relatives coming up to visit and since my husband is in a musical this Christmas, I’ll be taking the next week off, so I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Copyright 2013 Ellen Gable Hrkach


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