7 Quick Takes Friday – Musical, Review, Photos Etc.

7_quick_takes_sm1Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. My Fair Lady
Two Rivers Musicals presents My Fair Lady tonight and tomorrow night. My husband, James, is Alfred P. Doolittle. Ticket information is at this link.MFLMFL 2

2. Catholic Writers Conference Live
If you’re a writer and interested in networking with other Catholic writers, please consider attending the Catholic Writers Conference Live to be held outside of Chicago July 30-August 1, 2014. For more information, check out this press release.

To register, click this link.logo

3. A Subtle Grace Review
I would like to thank Trisha Niermeyer Potter for this outstanding review of A Subtle Grace! I’m always happy when a reader or reviewer enjoys my books. I am especially grateful that Trisha appreciated and understood the underlying themes. Here is what she had to say:
“This is one of my favorite contemporary works of Catholic fiction…The storytelling is masterful, the characters fascinating, and the writing is of high literary quality. People are imperfect—past, present, and future—but each is given the opportunity to grow, change, learn, and be redeemed. In this story it’s shown how the greatest mistake of our lives can be turned into one of the most amazing blessings and even be a source of hope for others. Life’s messy. People are complex. We’ve all got some skeletons in our closets, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t also fit some trophies and triumphs in there as well.”
A Subtle Grace front cover Nov2013

4. Waterfalls
My son took this beautiful photo.

Photo copyright Josh Hrkach

Photo copyright Josh Hrkach

5. The Lion’s Heart by Dena Hunt
FQP will soon be publishing the second edition of The Lion’s Heart by Dena Hunt, whose novel, Treason, recently won the 2014 IPPY Gold medal in Religious Fiction. The Lion’s Heart is a “different kind of love story” and asks the question: Is love ever wrong? From the back cover synopsis:
Paul Meyer has never let anyone get too close. Until Max. The Lion’s Heart is a heart-rending story about love and sacrifice. The emotional struggle of Paul’s same-sex attraction, the guilt he feels, and his ambivalence toward his Catholic faith all come together in this look inside the heart of a tortured man.Front Cover Final revisedsm

6. Review Shelf
Hijacked by Leslie Lynch

7. Jungle Jim Cartoon

Cartoon copyright Full Quiver Publishing/James & Ellen Hrkach Please do not use without permission

Cartoon copyright Full Quiver Publishing/James & Ellen Hrkach Please do not use without permission

Copyright 2014 Ellen Gable Hrkach


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