WWRW: The Lion’s Heart by Dena Hunt

Special thanks to Erin McCole Cupp for this refreshingly honest and enthusiastic review of FQP’s newest book, The Lion’s Heart by Dena Hunt.

Erin McCole Cupp

Join up with Jessica at Housewifespice and all the other coolest bookworms for What We’re Reading Wednesday.


“I am not afraid that the book will be controversial.  I’m afraid it will not be controversial.”

Flannery O’Connor

Today I’m reviewing one of the best, most powerful, most well-crafted, most heart-challenging books I’ve read in a very long time.  I am not exaggerating.  It’s The Lion’s Heart by Dena Hunt.  

Writers are often told to perfect “the elevator pitch,” a three-sentence summary of one’s book.  If you’re pitching a Catholic novel, I can’t think of a more interest-grabbing elevator pitch than the intro to the Amazon summary for The Lion’s Heart.  

Is love ever wrong?
Paul Meyer has never let anyone get too close.
Until Max.

Spoilers:  Max is not a girl.

Here’s my review as I posted to Amazon:

Whatever side of controversy you call home, this book is a…

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3 thoughts on “WWRW: The Lion’s Heart by Dena Hunt

  1. Ellen,

    I read this book after seeing a previous post about it here on your blog. A very thought provoking book. It grabbed my attention. Thank you for sharing it!

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