A Hero for the People by Arthur Powers SALE!

HeroA Hero for the People: Stories of the Brazilian Backlands is only .99 now and for the entire month of October! This beautifully written book won the 2014 Catholic Arts and Letters Award.

Check out some of the amazing reviews of this beautifully written book of short stories:

“A stirring narrative, fictional yet historical and real, ” says Gregory Tague

Author Karen Kelly Boyce says Powers is a “Master Storyteller,” and “When you read the work of a Master it causes a spiritual reaction that keeps you wanting more. When I first received A Hero for the People by Arthur Powers, I thought I would just read it fast. Short Stories are like that, something you can read quickly with each story being like a chapter. However, this collection of stories was different. I couldn’t just rush through them. I couldn’t go from one story to another. I had to pause after each story while my very soul took in the pulse, feel, and profound knowledge that each tale imparted.”

Author Sarah Reinhard says,
“…it was so well-written that, as fiction, it seemed real. As in, “pinch me, I’m riding shotgun across Brazil” real…each story in this is crafted and fine-tuned. They leave you satisfied and yet wanting more.”

“I have never been to Brazil, but Arthur Powers’ words bring it fully to life for me. There are those of us who write, and then there are masters of prose, artists who paint with words. This book flows with beautifully constructed descriptions of the people and places of Brazil. I felt Arthur’s indignation at the inequities in Brazil and how the rich have taken advantage of the poor, displacing them from their lands and destroying families. These are well written and easy to read stories, but they will fill you with a great indignation against the greedy rich who grind the faces of the poor,” writes author E.A. O’Hara

Pick up your copy for only .99 at this link: A Hero for the People: Stories of the Brazilian Backlands

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