Seven Saints for Seven Virtues Book Tour

SevenSaintsSeven Saints for Seven Virtues by Jean Heimann (Book Review) Published 2014, by Servant Books

Jean Heimann’s beautifully written and inspiring new book is entitled “Seven Saints for Seven Virtues.”

The author focuses on the seven virtues: charity, chastity, diligence, humility, kindness, patience and temperance as well as the saints who illustrate them so beautifully: Blessed Mother Teresa, St. Agnes, St. John Paul II, St. Joseph, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Monica and St. Augustine.

Each chapter begins with the author telling the reader about a saint whose life was an example of that particular virtue, defining the virtue, then sharing a modern example of someone (sometimes a personal relative or friend) who was also an example of that virtue. Next, the author asks: “How Can We Practice” each virtue. Each chapter ends with examples of that specific virtue in action and what we, the reader, can do to put that virtue into practice.

This is an absolutely wonderful book, inspiring, edifying, informative and beautifully written. It can be read slowly, reflecting on each chapter/saint/virtue or it can be read quickly, taking in each virtuous saint’s life story and example.

Seven Saints for Seven Virtues is an ideal gift for anyone who wishes to grow in holiness and virtue. Highly recommend!

To purchase the book on Amazon, click here.

If you would like to win a copy of this book, please leave a comment below before Friday, October 17th!! (North American readers only, please!)

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7 thoughts on “Seven Saints for Seven Virtues Book Tour

  1. I love reading how the saints’ lives can help me grown in holiness. I think I’ll have to get this book (unless I win it 🙂 ). Blessings!

  2. Ellen, thank you very much for your wonderful review of my book, “Seven Saints for Seven Virtues” and for being a gracious hostess along my blog tour today! Thank you also for mentioning all the blogs in the tour. God bless you!

  3. Sounds like a great book. Would love to have for my resources here at home. If I win, I would also love to review on my blog.

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