Recent Reviews of A Subtle Grace

A Subtle Grace front cover Nov2013Special thanks to the following bloggers who took the time to read my newest book and post a review! Excerpts are below, but I encourage you to go to each reviewer’s blog and read the entire reviews.

Elizabeth at Super Swell Times posted this review:
“Ms. Gable has a knack for setting the scene. You can tell that she has meticulously researched the time period in which the book is set. Everything from the way priests interacted with parishioners to the way old guns operate, A Subtle Grace‘s setting in the later 1890s is vibrant and interesting. One of my favorite aspects of A Subtle Grace is the fact that Ms. Gable took the time to craft story lines for all her characters — not just the ones central to the romance. Beyond Kathleen and Luke, we get the opportunity to check in with Caroline and David as well as learn more about Will, John and various other folks.”

Amelia at One Catholic Mama, posted this review.
“A Subtle Grace starts out with a riveting birthing scene. I always love a good birthing scene in books and this one does not disappoint. So that right there grabbed my attention and drew me into the story….I found this book to be rather engaging and hard to put down. The characters are charming (if just a little too perfect at times….well except for the wicked one, who is just a bit too wicked) and rather likeable. I found myself wishing that I could actually meet these people, or at least be more like them.”

Tiffany at Life of a Catholic Librarian posted this review:
“I really, really enjoyed this book. I’ve been thinking about it since I finished, which is always quite telling. To be clear, I review a lot of Catholic Young Adult fiction on this blog, and this book is NOT part of that genre. This is adult fiction, as several plot twists involve things not suitable for a young audience. Aforementioned plot twists are quite compelling, however, and I was reading along at a rapid clip, anxious to see what would happen and how the (very dastardly!) villain would be vanquished. No spoilers here though! You’ll have to go read to find out what I’m alluding to.”

Erika Marie at Simple Mama posted this review in her review:
“I was so impressed with how Gable wove all the Catholic traditions and historical culture into the story. She presents the story with a delicate, but enthralling, style. I felt quite comfortable lending it to our high-school-aged babysitter and plan on keeping it around for our daughter to enjoy in a few years. My only complaint about the book was that it was so engrossing that I couldn’t put it down! I’d stay up way too late just to see how the plot would unravel. It was wonderful, actually! It was like gooey fudgy warm brownies for my book-loving-heart.”

Again, THANK YOU to these Catholic bloggers for reading my book and writing a review. I really do appreciate it!

If you are a Catholic blogger and would like a print or Kindle copy of A Subtle Grace, email me: fullquiverpublishing(at) and I will send you a review copy!


3 thoughts on “Recent Reviews of A Subtle Grace

  1. Thanks, Ellen for the gift of A Subtle Grace. It was an enjoyable book. I’m glad to have an option for a romance novel I can read without blushing and one which I can lend to young adults to illustrate the differences between lust and true virtuous love!

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