Miracle Man #FREE on Kindle This Week

Miracle ManMiracle Man by Judy Landrieu Klein is FREE on Kindle this week.

“Miracle Man” is no ordinary near-death-experience account. A true story, “Miracle Man” is so full of supernatural marvels and surprising twists that readers are unanimously saying they “can’t put it down!”

“Miracle Man” will take you on a spiritual excursion as you follow Bernie Klein’s riveting journey to heaven and back after he inexplicably survives “the widow maker”—a massive heart attack that usually kills someone in three minutes. After experiencing multiple organ failure and spending six weeks comatose and on life support, Bernie comes back from “the dead” to share his dramatic encounter with Jesus, earning him the name “Miracle Man” among the hospital staff. Bernie’s come-to-Jesus radically changes him and his perspective on life, giving him extreme clarity on what truly matters. His first-hand account of a personal encounter with God also transforms his wife, Judy, as she learns to let go of her fear and mistrust and surrender completely to God.

If you’ve ever wondered if heaven is for real…if you’ve ever had doubts in your relationship with God…if you’ve ever questioned whether God answers prayers…then this book is for you. “Miracle Man” is sure to make you laugh and cry as you experience God’s outrageous love, mercy and faithfulness through Bernie Klein’s life-changing story.

“Miracle Man” powerfully reminds us that, in the end, miracles are possible.

Kindle Edition of Miracle Man is FREE this week.


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