Coming Soon: Indie Catholic Authors “It’s Still Christmas” Sale

Indie Authors Christmas Sale
Giving your loved one a Kindle, Nook, or iPad for Christmas? Help them fill it with great Catholic books!

Join Indie Catholic Authors December 26-28 for our It’s Still Christmas Sale. 16 Catholic ebooks will be $.99 or free. That’s besides our permanently free ebooks!

Participating authors

John C. Connell
Jeanie Ewing
Ellen Gable
Melanie Jean Juneau
Theresa Linden
Gil Michelini
Erin McCole Cupp
Connie Rossini
Marianne Sciucco
Tim Speer
Thomas Tan
Jacqueline Vick
J.I. Willett
Gloria Winn
John Paul Wohlschied

On Saturday, December 26, on the Indie Catholic Authors’ Blog, we’ll have links to all the retailers where you can buy the books at sale prices. Plus, look for detailed descriptions of each title. You can get a whole library for about $10!


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