Full Cycle by Christopher Blunt

Full Cycle

There aren’t too many novels that both parents and kids can read and enjoy equally. Full Cycle is one of those few.

Despite a physical disability that makes him one of the least-athletic kids in school, 11-year-old Alex Peterson sets his sights on something crazy: doing the 200-mile Seattle to Portland bicycle ride in a single day. The only way he can get there is to convince his father to return to the sport and train with him as a real partner, and this leads to some of the plot’s most captivating twists.

Full Cycle is not just a story about a bicycle competition. It’s a story of a father-son relationship; it’s a story of the importance of working together as a team, about encouraging our children to reach beyond their limits. It’s a wonderful story about focusing on abilities, not disabilities. This would be an ideal novel for a parent and child to read together. Highly recommend.

Only 2.99 on Kindle! To buy it, click here.

To buy the print edition, click here.

To read my review of the author’s other novel, Passport, click here.

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