Early Feedback

Image and Likeness

Image and Likeness: Short Reads Reflecting the Theology of the Body, with a foreword by Damon OwensWhile we remain a few days out from our official release day on October 22, the feast of St. John Paul II, two readers have mailed in some early thoughts on Image and Likeness.

I’m about 30% in.

This is a powerful book. Makes me want to look for more by the contributing authors.
I’ll say the same when I do my review. But meanwhile, just wanted to give you two TWO THUMBS UP.
Barbara Szyszkiewicz, blogger at Franciscan Mom, editor at Catholic Mom
I’m still working my way through the TOB collection, but I want to tell you how impressed I’ve been with the stories. Honestly, as much as I enjoy the TOB-centered books I’ve read in the last few years, I’ve always felt that parts of them come across as slightly heavy-handed. I look past it easily, but I always have a feeling that…

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