Teaching a Faith-Based Orientation to Life is Vital

Another Basic in author Robert P. Newberry’s book Green Beans and Legacies is: Teaching a child a faith-based orientation to life is vital.

We live in a secular culture that often sees children’s needs as so important that many of these children grow up thinking that the world revolves around them.  Making a child feel unique and special is important.  However, some parents might think that constantly giving in to children’s demands and making their needs more important will feed their self-esteem, but doing so actually diminishes it. And it does nothing to increase their ability to look beyond their noses and see the bigger picture.

The “Me” Generation would have us believe that the world revolves around us.  However, the world does not revolve around any person (most especially, children). We must be able to teach our children that there are “causes and matters” greater than themselves.  Using a faith-based orientation to life will instill morals, virtues and responsibilities, but it will especially focus on hope.

In his book, Green Beans and Legacies, author Robert P. Newberry writes: “The absence of such a faith-based outlook raises difficult implications for children. Dr. James Garbarino, an author and academic widely considered an expert in understanding children who severely hurt or kill other children, notes several characteristics common to children who demonstrate such negative behaviors. Such children do not have any kind of future orientation or hope. They share an absence of any kind of faith-based orientation or spirituality.”

If you want to learn more about the Basics, Green Beans and Legacies is an ideal book to help parents raise successful children. It is available via Kindle and paperback.

For more information on Robert P. Newberry, go to http://www.robertpnewberry.com