Theology of the Body Fiction #HumanaeVitae50 #anti50shades

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Want to read some wholesome, wonderful stories that support human dignity?

This year we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, On Human Life, Pope Paul VI’s encyclical re-affirming the Church’s 2000-year teaching that artificial birth control is “intrinsically evil.” There’s no better way to learn about Theology of the Body than to read a great novel! These books are also life-affirming! I’d like to share some of my favorite Theology of the Body fiction!

(Pardon the shameless self-promotion of my own books in this list!)

Emily’s Hope (Ellen Gable, 2005, FQ Publishing) (mature themes)

Passport (Christopher Blunt, 2008, Pelican Crossing Press) (mature themes)

Midnight Dancers (Regina Doman, 2008, Chesterton Press) (mature themes)

In Name Only (Ellen Gable, 2009, FQ Publishing, 2010 IPPY Gold Medal Winner)      (mature themes)

Stealing Jenny (Ellen Gable, 2011, FQ Publishing)

Finding Grace (Laura Pearl, 2012, Bezalel Books)

Angela’s Song (AnnMarie Creedon, 2012, FQ Publishing)

Rapunzel Let Down (Regina Doman, 2013, Chesterton Press) (mature themes)

Vingede (Friar Tobe #2) (Krisi Keley, 2013, S & H Publishing)

Don’t You Forget About Me (Erin McCole Cupp, 2013, FQ Publishing)

A Subtle Grace (Ellen Gable, 2014, FQ Publishing) (mature themes)

The Lion’s Heart (Dena Hunt, 2014, FQ Publishing, 2016 CALA Award Winner)          (mature themes)

A World Such as Heaven Intended (Amanda Lauer, 2014, FQ Publishing)

Working Mother (Erin McCole Cupp, 2014, FQ Publishing)

Stay With Me (Carolyn Astfalk, 2015, FQ Publishing) (mature themes)

Dying for Revenge (Barbara Golder, 2016, FQ Publishing, Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Awards)

Dying for Compassion (Barbara Golder, 2017, FQ Publishing)

Discovery (Karina Fabian, 2016, FQ Publishing)

Image and Likeness: Literary Reflections on the Theology of the Body (Cupp and Gable, editors, 2016, FQ Publishing)  (mature themes)

Rightfully Ours (Carolyn Astfalk, 2017, FQ Publishing)

Julia’s Gifts (Ellen Gable, 2017, FQ Publishing)

Theresa Linden’s West Brothers Series  (Published 2015-17)

To check out many of these books, go to the Full Quiver Publishing website!



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