An Open Book – May 2018

Open Book

I’m joining with Carolyn Astfalk and Catholic Mom for An Open Book.

Here’s what I’ve been reading during the past month!

St Faustina

St. Faustina Prayer Book for Adoration

Susan Tassone

Amazon Synopsis: For centuries adoration has been a devotion saints, popes, and countless men, women, and children not only loved but came to rely on. In St. Faustina Prayer Book for Adoration, best-selling and award-winning author Susan Tassone shows you how to deeply encounter God during your own times of adoration. Here you’ll find prayers for adoring the Lord before the Blessed Sacrament and for spiritual adoration at home. With St. Faustina as your guide, you’ll learn more about the graces God offers you, ways to pray with and without words, and the unique and amazing relationship God shares with you alone.

My review: Susan Tassone has done it again!  The “Purgatory Lady”  has written and compiled a beautiful book we can take to Adoration. All the reflections are based on St. Faustina’s Diary.  If you can only bring one book (other than the Bible, of course) to Adoration, I highly recommend this one.  Your Adoration time will be fuller, deeper and more fruitful.  Five out of five stars.


 Swallowed By Satan: How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me From Pornography, Homosexuality and the Occult

Joseph Sciambra

Amazon Synopsis: At the height of the AIDS crises, I remember constantly hearing that the disease was killing the best and the brightest. While this was somewhat of an over-inflated slogan perpetuated by the homosexual leaning media, there were so many guys that I knew with extraordinary aptitudes for art, literature, music, dance, and design. They were truly gifted by God. I believe that this is why the devil often singles-out gay men for an enormously severe form of temptation and torture. For as gay men, we have often endured a suffering not unlike the Saints. From our earliest memories, we frequently harbor secretive pains of self-doubt and rejection. Later, we continually direct ourselves towards the highest possible focal point of all – encompassing beauty and love. Early on, the Blessed Saints recognize this as the image of God. Those who are corrupted and lose their way, find themselves in front of a very different deity. Their gifts are unwittingly squandered in his service, their life-force extracted in payment for a decaying feast of traitorous emptiness, then they are left to die alone and scared.

My review: Compelling, but very disturbing, book.  For adults only. I had to put it down many times when the author is describing his years in the gay community.  He also describes the defining incident which started him on the road to conversion.  I very much admire this author because it took tremendous courage to write and share his story.  Although there are a lot of editorial mistakes (commas and typos), it’s a book I can recommend (but only to those with a strong stomach).  Four out of five stars.


26 Champions of the Rosary

Fr. Donald Calloway

Amazon Synopsis: Read this book and learn all about the greatest heroes of the rosary in Church history, prepare yourself to join their ranks, and respond to the challenges of the present age by taking up the spiritual sword of Heaven: the rosary!

Internationally known speaker and author Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, loves Our Lady and her favorite devotion: the rosary. But he’s not the only one! Throughout the life of the Church, many men and women have become great saints and helped change the course of human history by the power of the rosary. In 26 Champions of the Rosary, Fr. Calloway presents the outstanding heroes whose trusting dependence on Our Lady and her rosary have brought peace and divine help to the world.

My review: I absolutely loved this book!  I received a signed copy at the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show last year, but I only read it recently.  It is excellent and easy to read one or two stories at a time. This should be on all Catholics’ bookshelves.  Highly recommend. Five out of five stars.


Prophecy of Ashes

John R. Monteith

Amazon Synopsis: Master your powers or become the next sacrifice. Dianne suspects she’s an empath, but when telepathic shocks, ghostly warnings, and secret books suggest an immortal is hunting her, she needs to embrace her full abilities–fast. A human wraith is seeking Dianne as a sacrifice, forcing her to partner with strange men who use modern technology and ancient magic to stop her potential murderer. Racing against time to learn her powers and defend herself, she must battle a relentless enemy, guide the efforts of her protectors, and prove her inner strength and empathic competency to survive. Clive Cussler Society Adventure Writer’s Competition Finalist and bestselling author of the Rogue Avenger series, John Monteith, brings you this supernatural thriller that blends metaphysical, occult, and paranormal elements in one page-turning adventure.

My review: This is on my “to read” bookshelf.

Unintended Cons

Unintended Consequences

Dan Walsh

Amazon Synopsis: Jack and Rachel leave Culpepper for their long-awaited honeymoon trip, a driving tour through New England. On day three, they stop at a little bay-side town in Cape Cod to visit Jack’s grandmother. After he gets called away to handle an emergency, Rachel stays and listens as Jack’s grandmother shares a remarkable story about how she and Jack’s grandfather met in the early days of World War 2. It’s a story filled with danger, decades-old family secrets, daring rescues and romance. Jack is named after his grandfather, and this story set the course and direction for Jack’s life to the present day. After hearing it, Rachel is amazed that anyone survived.

My review: Also on my “to read” bookshelf.




One thought on “An Open Book – May 2018

  1. What an interesting mix of books this month! My copy of the St. Faustina book is sitting here, waiting for me to take it to adoration! Our parish has a short Thursday morning window for adoration, and something always seems to get in the way – doctor’s appointments, sick kids, etc. I’ve not read Unintended Consequences, but I’ve enjoyed a couple other of Dan Walsh’s books.

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