Our Lady’s Work Has Finally Begun

From Lisa Mladinich: This simple and accessible 22-minute talk provides information about the origins of the devastating corruption in the Church’s corridors of power and influence (most of which I had heard before from totally reliable sources), as well as enormous inspiration related to the plan for Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart to triumph–and raise up great saints (that’s us, with God’s help).

Thank you, Fr. Altier, for sharing the truth. God bless you.  Our Lady’s work has finally begun.  We all need to be faithful.  We need to pray and fast because this kind of “demon cannot be expelled without fasting.”
An excellent homily from Father Robert Altier.

Below is another excellent homily from Fr. Lankeit from the Phoenix Diocese. Thank you, Father, for your powerful sermon and for not mincing words. “We must cut out this cancer of dissent at stage one when it’s still treatable rather than waiting for it to hit stage four…again, so we are not forced to deal with this same sex scandal again sixteen years from now.”

And…How many times have priests, bishops and cardinals been “Fr. Iscariot?”

Thank you, Fr. Lankeit, for sharing the truth!

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