Into Glorious Light by Paul Keough

Into Glorious LightToday is the official release day for Into Glorious Light: My Memoir of Converting From Exhausted Atheist to Joyful Christian.

Amazon Synopsis: Warning to the hate-crime police: this memoir is not politically correct. What it is, though, is a story very appropriate for Valentine’s Day. It is a story of searching for truth and falling in love with something greater than oneself, greater than humanity, greater than nature, the world and the universe. Paul quickly realized – even as an atheist – that there is no point in trying to make everyone like you. No matter what position you take, there will always be someone on the opposite side of that opinion. Given that, we might as well pursue the truth and do what we think is right, correct?

Truth reveals itself as seen here in these three strange occurrences that challenged his concept of truth:
1. How does an atheist scientist end up married with several children? Is not the world overpopulating from the totalitarian perspective? If that is true, wouldn’t having several children be irresponsible? Why would a trained doctoral scientist from a top university do such a thing? Was he not shocked when he found scientists, business leaders, doctors, scientists, engineers and other intelligent rational professionals were having more than two children?
2. How does a Wall Street analyst in New York City, often considered the center and top of the world, voluntarily leave Wall Street when there was more and more money to be made? Had he lost his marbles? What could be better than making a ton of money? But then we look around and see that most Wall Street professionals do leave Wall Street on average about four years after starting… so the fact that Paul lasted twice that time also seems unlikely.
3. Why would a nerdy science geek break up with a handsome woman who comes from wealth? As an atheist, why would it matter that she claimed to be a witch? If there was no such thing as a witch, or anything like that, why care about any label she gave herself? Except … was there trouble coming from being with a person claiming to be a witch?

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Author Biography

Dr. Paul Keough holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and a Ph.D. in Health Sciences from Northwestern University. Paul is a practicing Catholic husband and father of six children who attend Catholic schools in the western suburbs of Chicago. In his free time, Paul enjoys playing chess and stays active by biking, swimming, playing basketball and tennis and working out with his family and friends.

Career-wise, Paul initially worked on Wall Street with high-profile investors, but then Dr. Keough soon realized his true passion was for helping individuals and their families on Main Street grow their retirement funds. Paul left Wall Street to help the average Joe and Jane on Main Street. Dr Keough brought with him the same experiences and knowledge that he used to research investments for the affluent. Since then, Paul has remained focused on helping his clients work toward their retirement dreams.

Dr. Keough has been recognized for his dedication to clients and featured in the media, most notably, on EWTN’s The Journey Home that aired January 2016:

or heard him speak on Dan Cheely’s Relevant Radio Show in April 2016:

Recently in December 2017, Paul was interviewed by the podcast as episode 132: “The Information War & Emotional Finance:”

Also, on Dec 22nd of 2018, Paul was interviewed on Montréal CAN Radio Blog:

Paul is currently the Principal and Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) of Turnkeough Wealth Management, Inc., where he supervises all activities of the firm. Paul adheres to applicable regulatory requirements, together with all policies and procedures outlined in the firm’s code of ethics and compliance manual. He holds a Series 65 securities license and earned his health and life insurance license in multiple states throughout the United States.

Turnkeough Wealth Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor Firm with trades executed through Pershing LLC, Member FINRA, NFA & SIPC. Our disclosures are that past performance is not indicative of future performance and all proforma activities including forecasts are forward-looking estimates and are not guarantees of performance. Any risk mitigation is partial, some risks always remain, and risks are usually proportional to potential return regardless of mitigations.

The approach at Turnkeough is unusual for a wealth management firm. First, they have a mission statement to provide comprehensive life planning. When Paul meets with investors, he asks over 300 questions in three hours in these areas: investments, insurance, estate, education, debt, retirement, legal, tax, real estate, career, marriage, spiritual, family and legacy planning.

Their holistic approach is designed to build confidence and comfort. Their goal is to be a good and loyal servant to each of their clients, offering to help with both their clients’ communities’ long-term benefit and the benefit of the clients’ loved ones. The firm is resolutely committed to serving Christians and Jews by providing honest, caring, and thoughtful professional services.  They hold seriously the higher standards of always telling the truth, providing flawless service, minimizing costs, while providing top notch services with kindness and a smile.

The firm abides by compliance, record-keeping, and regulations, manages and tracks performance and results. But also, they hold themselves to a higher standard. The firm has an ethical board of directors composed of non-voting religious persons.

Turnkeough also tithes and gives to various not-for-profit causes all over the world. “We encourage our team to give and when I’m asked how much I say give, give, give until it hurts and then give some more.”

The firm is also very competitive with other financial firms by offerings services where client goals come first always, by seeking alpha (return above market return), keeping costs low using trading methods, providing real attention and real analysis, without automated robots with the goal of exceeding their clients’ expectations.

For further information, please contact Dr. Keough at: paul.keough(at)turnkeough (dot) (com).



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