Into Glorious Light by Paul Keough

Into Glorious Light: My Memoir of Converting from Exhausted Atheist to Joyful Christian is Into Glorious Lighta newly-published book by Paul Keough.  The author has been interviewed on numerous television programs and blog casts.

Below is an excerpt of Keough’s interview on The Journey Home.  When asked about the moment he wanted to be atheist, Keough answered:

Keough: So in college, I did a variety of things I regret. I delved into pleasures. And I did get a counselor because I was very confused about my maternal and paternal background. And when I described a lot of things in detail, he said, “You have to accept that your father isn’t interested in you and doesn’t want to know you and wants to carry out his own life.”  That’s what he concluded, the counselor. I thought, “Oh, that hurts.” But I also thought, if that’s the case, then maybe the purpose of life is just selfishness. That’s all there is. Simply I exist and I’m going to die, so I need to grab a hold of as much pleasure as I possibly can in this short life and do as much as I can for myself as I came to conclude, right or wrong, that my father had done for himself. And when I came home one summer from undergraduate, that was very much confirmed as my father left my mother, started riding a motorcycle, a mid-life crisis or something, and started dating a nurse and soon after that, were divorced…so that even further ingrained in my mind the idea that, well, he’s doing whatever he wants and he’s the only role model that I — I guess didn’t — have. So I guess that’s what I’m supposed to do.

Grodi:  So you and your advisor were touching on this issue of you keep trying, because you believed there’s an answer in nature and that’s what he was saying, keep trying. There’s order and there’s purpose in the world or the atheist in you in which there’s no  logical reason for there to be order or purpose. That’s what was going on, it seems like, inside of you.

Keough: That’s right. That’s right. And I started to notice there were a number of these Christians who were logical and rational and who were succeeding, just as you said and that really puzzled me. They should’ve failed…but they were succeeding in great numbers. So I met a physician, who was a science writer and he’s Christian and I really looked up to him on the level of his writing ability, his knowledge and skills, a brilliant man…he said, why don’t you come to the Church of Christ…so I started going to the Church of Christ. And I met wonderful Christians that I’m grateful for to this day who had a great love for Jesus and loved me in a way I think I hadn’t seen before, not just the love that my mom showed, but the knowledge, they could describe to me why they were Christian, what it was about being a Christian that made them different and why they chose it. And I wanted that.

To watch the entire Journey Home episode, click here.





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