An Open Book – November 2019 #openbook

I’m joining with Carolyn Astfalk and Catholic Mom for “An Open Book.”  Here’s what I’ve been reading over the past month (and will be reading this month).

front cover

Ella’s Promise: Great War Great Love #3)

Now available, my new book, Ella’s Promise, the third in the Great War Great Love series!  Check out the book tour links here!

Synopsis: When she joins the war effort during the Great War, American nurse Ella Neumann doesn’t see allies or enemies. The daughter of German immigrants, all soldiers — Allies or Axis — are human beings in need of care. A promise to herself and a promise made to her by an enemy officer become the catalyst for the life she plans to lead after the war. But a handsome Canadian soldier may complicate her plans. In this third installment of the Great War – Great Love series, join Ella in a tale of promises, betrayal and unconditional love.

Gifts Visible and Invisible

Gifts Visible and Invisible by Catholic Teen Authors

Synopsis: Gifts: Visible and Invisible is a collection of short stories by eight authors.

My review: I enjoyed this anthology of Christmas stories.  The stories are varied and unique and all have a Christmas theme. Ideal gift for the pre-teen and teen on your Christmas list.  Highly recommend.

All in Good Time

All in Good Time by Carolyn Astfalk

Synopsis: With three rambunctious, young children, Melanie Lombardi can’t see beyond the day-to-day struggle to maintain her home and her sanity since her husband’s sudden death. A second chance at romance isn’t on her radar.

Brian Perella is done with dating, resigned to being the fun uncle and never the dad. Until he meets Melanie and her brood of lively kids on the sidelines of a Little League game.

But when Brian uncovers a co-worker’s secret, it re-ignites a temptation that Melanie can’t know about. It’s his secret to keep until an unexpected diagnosis brings everything to the surface, jeopardizing his future with Melanie and her children, who, when threatened by an unknown stalker, may need him now more than ever.

My review:  I thoroughly enjoyed this new novel which includes a little bit of everything: romance, suspense, and a subject many books wouldn’t tackle with a ten-foot pole: pornography. The author’s writing style, well-developed characters and believable situations kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning. Highly recommend!


Perfect Partner

The Perfect Partner by Elaine Lyons Bach

Amazon Synopsis: Headstrong Lady Diana Ashton has planned her future. She wants to make a difference in the lives of the poor, to travel extensively, and if she must marry, she’s determined to marry a devoted statesman. Then she’ll be poised to influence his work in parliament to improve social conditions. Abducted as a child and raised with no schooling, Lord Eversley doubts his competence as a politician. He much prefers painting portraits. His childhood sweetheart inspires him to reconsider his worth and responsibilities. When a carriage accident threatens to paralyze Diana forever, her future crumbles. She discourages Eversley’s attentions, believing she can now only ruin the prospects he deserves. Surrendering the life she planned, Diana accepts the life God created her for, one far superior than she imagined. To see what a scamp Diana was as a child, read the first book in the Chadilaine Manor Regency series, Gentle Journey.

My review:  Full disclosure: I assisted the author in proofreading and formatting her book.  The Perfect Partner is a well-written, clean, regency romance. A perfect read for a snowy day!  Highly recommend.

Charlotte's Honor AB cover

Charlotte’s Honor (Great War Great Love Book 2) 

Now available on Audible!




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