I’m Listening: Praying with Art and Story

I’m Listening: Praying with Art and Story by Victoria Ryan is a delightful new book.

Synopsis: In a unique approach to meditation and contemplation, I’m Listening: Praying with Art and Story uses colorful Catholic holy card images and the story of a little sheep adrift in the dark night of the soul for personal reflection. The 40-day guide engages your emotions, opinions, and experiences to explore your relationship with God, both His approach to you and your approach to Him.

My review: I’m Listening: Praying With Art and Story is a beautiful book that will help develop your prayer life. There are 40 reflections. The first section includes sacred art where God is pursuing you and the second section is the story of you pursuing God through a story of a lost lamb. I highly recommend this book to all those who wish to grow closer to God, especially those who wish to hear what God is telling us! 

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