An Open Book #openbook January 2023

I’m joining with Carolyn Astfalk and Catholic Mom for An Open Book. Here’s what I’ve been reading and working on for the past month:

The Adventures at Lily Creek, Book One:

A Hermitage of Her Own by Kimberly Cook

Synopsis: A Hermitage of Her Own is the first book in The Adventures at Lily Creek series, an exciting historical fiction for middle-grade readers set in Shenandoah, Virginia. The beloved main character, Gemma Porter, is imaginative, strong-willed, and constantly searching for adventure beyond her sleepy rural town. She relies deeply on her Catholic faith and her conscience to guide her through the mischief she often finds herself in. A Hermitage of Her Own tells the tale of Gemma and her friend Clare, along with two unsuspecting boys who find more than they could ever have imagined.

Available from Full Quiver Publishing!

Coming Soon from Full Quiver Publishing: Firetender (Chalice Book One) by Erin Lewis.

Synopsis: Hot-headed Dallas Malone has spent most of his life putting up emotional walls around himself, softened only by his best friend Channing, whom he protects with the fierceness of a big brother. When the two are faced with sudden homelessness, Dallas’s impulsive decisions leave them fleeing from law enforcement and land him in prison.  His mistakes threaten to ravish Dallas like wildfire unless he can learn to allow something more powerful than himself into his life.


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