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Since 2009, Ellen’s books have been downloaded over 730,000 times on Kindle and her books have over three-quarters of a million pages read on Kindle Select.

Where Angels Pass (New Book!)  Only 12.99 USD and 2.99 USD until Christmas!

Based on true events. Teenager Evie Gallagher is stunned when her 45-year-old father dies tragically and suddenly. Too many unanswered questions accompany Evie’s challenging journey to adulthood. When she finally discovers the reason her father led such a troubled life, shock turns to anger. She is determined to find justice for her father.

Nervous about the first day of his freshman year, 14-year-old Hank Gallagher steps inside Holy Archangels High School for the first time in September of 1954. Although the majestic Holy Archangels statues inside the school’s grand lobby present an air of protection, it is not long before Hank passes right under them and into the hands of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Confused and cornered by threats, Hank attempts to abandon his secret to the past, but a horrible wound on his heart eventually leads to a catastrophic breakdown.

Chapters alternate between Evie and Hank to reveal a life haunted by betrayal and a revelation of true justice and hope.

Remembering Mom Author Ellen Gable shares memories of her beloved mother, an unconventional woman who was often thrust into situations by necessity. She endured having to watch her first husband spiral into psychosis and schizophrenia, then have him be committed to a psychiatric hospital on the same day she was in labor with their fourth child. She worked from home typing back in the day when women didn’t have jobs other than homemaking. Her humor was quirky, and she had some strange sayings. She could swear like a sailor, but loved her Catholic faith. She wasn’t a perfect Catholic, nor was she a perfect mother, but she was devoted to her five children. After the death of her first husband, she remained strong for her young adult children, then eventually found love again and another opportunity for motherhood.

Ella’s Promise (Great War Great Love #3) FINALIST in the 2020 IAN Book Awards and the 2020 International Book Awards in Religious Fiction! When she joins the war effort during the Great War, American nurse Ella Neumann doesn’t see allies or enemies. The daughter of German immigrants, all soldiers — Allies or Axis — are human beings in need of care. A promise to herself and a promise made to her by an enemy officer become the catalyst for the life she plans to lead after the war. But a handsome Canadian soldier may complicate her plans. In this third installment of the Great War – Great Love series, join Ella in a tale of promises, betrayal and unconditional love.

Charlotte’s Honor (Great War Great Love #2) is now available on Kindle. After receiving notification that her brother –and only relative — is killed in action during the Great War, 21-year-old Charlotte Zielinski enlists as a medical volunteer. She eventually begins working in the death ward of the field hospital near Soissons, France, holding dying men’s hands and singing them into eternity.  Dr. Paul Kilgallen is a Canadian surgeon working at the field hospital. Before Paul leaves for the front, he abruptly tells her that he cannot love her, and it would be best to “forget him.” Just when the war is coming to a close, Charlotte is surprised by two events that are destined to change her life forever.

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Julia’s Gifts (Great War Great Love #1) is now available on Kindle and paperback. As a young girl, Julia began buying gifts for her future spouse, a man whose likeness and personality she has conjured up in her mind, a man she calls her “beloved.” Soon after the United States enters the Great War, Julia impulsively volunteers as a medical aid worker, with no experience or training. Disheartened by the realities of war, will Julia abandon the pursuit of her beloved? Will her naïve ‘gift scheme’ distract her from recognizing her true “Great Love?” From Philadelphia to war-torn France, follow Julia as she transitions from unworldly young woman to compassionate volunteer.

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Image and Likeness: Short Reads Reflecting the Theology of the Body, with a foreword by Damon OwensImage and Likeness: Literary Reflections on the Theology of the Body.  Ellen wrote a story for the anthology (The Death of Me; The Life of Us) and along with editor Erin McCole Cupp, helped edit the book.  Special thanks to Damon Owens for writing the Foreword!  Discussion questions and my interview is at this link. For more information on contributors and other interviews, click here.

A Subtle Grace (O’Donovan Family #2) is a bestseller! (2014 #1 Religious Drama, #1 Christian Historical Romance, #1 Christian Romance) A Subtle Grace front cover Nov20131896, Philadelphia In this stand alone sequel to “In Name Only” (2009, FQP), “A Subtle Grace” continues the story of the wealthy and unconventional O’Donovan Family as they approach the dawn of a new century.

At 19, Kathleen (oldest daughter) is unmarried with no prospects. Fearing the lonely fate of an old maid, her impatience leads to an infatuation with the first man who shows interest. The suave, handsome son of the local police chief seems a perfect match. But will her impulsive manner prevent her from recognizing her true beloved? A disturbing turn of events brings a dark shadow that threatens the life-long happiness she desires.

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Stealing JennyStealing Jenny
Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller in Religious & Liturgical Drama and Religious Fiction/Mystery! (Top 20 Amazon Kindle bestseller since November, 2011!)

After three heartbreaking miscarriages, Tom and Jenny Callahan are happily anticipating the birth of their sixth child. Their neighbor, however, is hatching a sinister plot, one which will find Jenny and her unborn baby fighting for their lives.

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In name only much smallerIn Name Only (O’Donovan Family #1)
Ellen’s Gold Medal winning novel is now an Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller in Religious Drama!

1876, Philadelphia
Caroline Martin’s life has finally taken a turn for the better. After years of hard work, she has met a virtuous and wealthy man whose love seems to promise the kind of life realized only within the comforting novels she keeps on her night table. Tragedy, however, will teach Caroline of the complexity with which God Himself authors the lives of those who turn towards Him. 2010 IPPY Gold Medal Winner in Religious Fiction.

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Emily’s Hope

Emily’s Hope is the gripping story of one young woman’s physical, emotional, spiritual journey from high school to adulthood. Interspersed throughout the story are flashbacks to Emily’s great-grandmother’s troubled life, with a climax culminating in the surprising revelation that Emily and her great-grandmother are connected more deeply than by ancestral ties alone. Based on a true story. Now a top 10 Bestseller in Religious Drama on Amazon Kindle!

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Books Edited by Ellen Gable

Stay With Me by Carolyn Astfalk!Stay with Me front cover
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The Lion’s Heart by Dena Hunt Front Cover Final revisedsm
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A World Such as Heaven Intended by Amanda Lauer AWSAHI 2016RGB
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Angela’s Song by AnnMarie Creedon, AS Front Cover Final9-19

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Don’t You Forget About Me by Erin McCole CuppDYFAM new photo

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Growing Up in God’s Image by Carolyn J. Smith, Final Cover photo Amazon Bestseller in Parent Participation! Amazon Kindle Top 100 Bestseller in Parent Participation!

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Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship
now available on Amazon.com CMB no outline
“Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship” is a celebration of faith and enduring love. This compilation includes 12 courtship/dating stories which will inspire, captivate and entertain readers. Included are the following stories: A widow with eight children meets a widower with six children; a woman prays to God for a husband and years later, finds herself falling in love with a seminarian; a man asks his live-in girlfriend “What if we stopped having sex?” and is greeted with tears of joy; an atheist falls in love with her Catholic Prince Charming; a couple meet through a Christian introduction service; a sailor prays a novena to marry the right girl. What these and all the stories illustrate is that God is the ideal matchmaker.

Read Excerpt: David and Posie

Read Excerpt: Leon and Mary Lou

Read Excerpt: Robert and Sarah

Read Excerpt: Chris and Micki

Read Excerpt: James and Ellen

Read Excerpt: Mark and Kathy

Read Excerpt: Andrew and Regina

Read Excerpt: Michel and Jeanette

Read Excerpt: Tom and Patty

Read Excerpt: James and Pati

Read Excerpt: Damon and Melanie

Read Excerpt: Mark and Yvette

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