SQT Friday – Busy Week Ahead

seven-quick-takes-friday-2-1024x727Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at This Ain’t the Lyceum for Seven Quick Takes Friday.

It’s been a busy month and is about to get busier!

1. World Meeting of Families
I am heading down to Philadelphia to attend the World Meeting of Families, then I’m planning to attend the Papal Mass on Sunday, September 27. I’ll be mostly in the Exhibit Hall at Booth 747, manning the Catholic Writers Guild Booth. Please pray for a safe trip for us and all the attendees and pilgrims! If you’re attending, stop by and say hello!world-meeting-of-families-philadelphia-2015-logo

2. Stay With Me Kindle Edition Available for Pre-Order
Carolyn Astfalk’s novel, Stay With Me (Kindle Edition) is now available for pre-order. The print and Kindle editions will be available on October 1!
Stay with Me front cover

3. Stay With Me Novel Web Page
And take a look at the updated novel web page.

4. Fast4Francis
I’m participating in Fast4Francis, a fasting novena hosted by Live the Fast. Today is Day One! For more information, click here.

5. Instagram Page
I’m pretty new to Instagram, but if you’re on there, please follow me and I will usually follow back! I will be posting photos from the World Meeting of Families and other Papal activities.

6. Reading/Review/Book Shelf
Fast with the Heart – Fr. Slavko Barbaric
Word by Word: Slowing Down With The Hail Mary (Sarah Reinhard, editor) I contributed a story to this book! Now available for pre-order!

7. Man UP Cartoon

image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach (all rights reserved, please do not use without permission)

image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach (all rights reserved, please do not use without permission)

End of Summer News

Life has been busy, too busy, with my new job at Live the Fast, helping #4 son get ready for college (five hours away), and Catholic Writers Guild responsibilities. I haven’t had much time for writing or blogging, but hopefully, I will be able to write more fiction now that summer is over! So…what’s new?

1. Fast4Francis
Read more about Fast4Francis here at this link.

2. Thank you, Carolyn!
Special thanks to Carolyn Astfalk for including me in her list of favorite contemporary Catholic authors!

3. Stay With Me
FQP’s new novel, Stay With Me, by Carolyn Astfalk, will be available on October 1st. Watch the trailer:

4. World Meeting of Families
I will be attending the World Meeting of Families down in Philadelphia beginning September 22. I will be an exhibitor for the Catholic Writers Guild at Booth 747. If you’re attending, please stop by and say hello!

I will also be attending the Papal Mass on Sunday in Philly, along with my husband and sister!

5. Review Shelf
The Well by Stephanie Landsem

6. Stepping Down as President for CWG
Last week, I announced that I would be stepping down as president of the Catholic Writers Guild (effective November 30th). Three years as president, five years on the board. I will continue to be an active member, though!

6. Fertile Time Cartoon

Image copyright 2013 James and Ellen Hrkach (Please do not use without permission)

Image copyright 2013 James and Ellen Hrkach (Please do not use without permission)

SQT Friday – Sale, Graduations Etc.

seven-quick-takes-friday-2-1024x727Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at This Ain’t the Lyceum for Seven Quick Takes Friday.

1. University Graduation #3 Son

#3 son's graduation from Ottawa University (Image copyright Ellen Hrkach)

#3 son’s graduation from Ottawa University (Image copyright Ellen Hrkach)

2. High School Graduation #4 Son
Yesterday, #4 son graduated from high school. He sang his own music composition “Growing Up” at the graduation ceremony (and got a standing ovation from his fellow classmates and the rest of the audience.) He also won the Brody Armstrong Music Award/Scholarship.

copyright Ellen Hrkach 2015

copyright Ellen Hrkach 2015

3. Big Sale!
A group of Indie authors are holding a huge summer sale. To find out more, click here. Stealing Jenny is on sale for .99! (US customers only!)

4. Catholic Writers Guild Blog
I’m also over at the Catholic Writers Guild blog today. Check out the post here.

5. Live the Fast
Have you discovered the joy and value of fasting yet? Whether you fast on a regular basis or not, check out this website to find out more information.

6. Reading Shelf
Victorious Exile by Echo Lewis

7. St. Anthony Cartoon
When my husband initially conceived this cartoon, he used #2 and #3 son’s images. Both of those boys are now men and both are graduates of university!

Image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach Please do not use without permission

Image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach Please do not use without permission

Seven Quick Takes Friday – Kindle Sale!

seven-quick-takes-friday-2-1024x727Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at This Ain’t the Lyceum for Seven Quick Takes Friday.

Emily’s Hope (Kindle Edition), my first book, is still on sale for .99! Click here to download.

1. Graduations!
June is the month of graduations! There will be two in our family: our third son, Tim, is graduating from Ottawa University on June 14th, and our fourth son, Adam, is graduating high school on June 25th. Let the celebrations begin!

2. Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Today is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! There is a beautiful and powerful novena to the “Efficacious Sacred Heart of Jesus” that St. Padre Pio recited every day. I also pray this beautiful novena every day for all the intentions of my family.

3. O’Donovan Family Series
There’s a unique page for the O’Donovan Family Series on Amazon.com. Check it out here! Both In Name Only (Book #1) and A Subtle Grace (Book #2) have individual pages as well. In name only much smaller
A Subtle Grace front cover Nov2013

4. FQP Newsletter
If you’d like to receive news about upcoming books and sales from Full Quiver Publishing (my company), please sign up here.

5. Catholic Life Support
Stealing Jenny is mentioned in a list of Catholic books over at 365Catholic.

6. Reading-Review Shelf
True Radiance by Lisa Mladinich

7. Cartoon

Image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach.  Please do not use without permission

Image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach. Please do not use without permission

Seven Quick Takes Friday – Emily’s Hope Ten Years Old

seven-quick-takes-friday-2-1024x727Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at This Ain’t The Lyceum for SQT Friday.

1. Emily’s Hope Ten Years Old!!
It’s hard to believe, but my first book, Emily’s Hope, is now ten years old!
Over at my Facebook author page, as well as the Full Quiver Publishing Facebook page, there will be free giveaways all week!EH Cover email smaller

2. Catholic Writers Conference Live 2015CWCO_live_sm
We’re in the final stages of planning for the Catholic Writers Conference Live in Somerset, New Jersey. If you’re a writer and are thinking of attending, there’s more information here at this link. If you have already decided to attend, you can register at this link.

3. Entertaining and Powerful Post From Erin McCole Cupp
On Why I Stay Catholic With the Aid of the Internet. Entertaining and powerful. Check it out here.

4. Difficult Anniversaries, Decisions and Responsible Parenthood
I recently posted an updated article about the difficulties my husband and I faced in discerning whether or not we should have more children. Check it out here.

image copyright Ellen Gable Hrkach

image copyright Ellen Gable Hrkach

5. Catholic Life Support
Thank you, Ann Frailey, for mentioning so many great Catholic books in your post a few days ago! (Stealing Jenny was included!)

6. Reading Shelf
Specter by John Desjarlais

7. Hotel Cartoon
We’re getting close to vacation time. This is one of our most popular cartoons!

image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach (please do not use without permission)

image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach (please do not use without permission)

Copyright 2015 Ellen Gable Hrkach

SQT – Mini Review Edition

seven-quick-takes-friday-2-1024x727Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at This Ain’t the Lyceum for Seven Quick Takes Friday. I’m using this opportunity to catch up on a bunch of reviews.

1. Opal’s Jubilee (mini-review)
Opal’s Jubilee by Leslie Lynch Opal McBride has paid her debt to society, but it’s only when detective Josh Boone untangles the secrets of her past that justice can be truly served. Beautifully written, this is my favorite book of the series. Lynch is not an author to shy away from difficult issues. In this one, the topic of domestic violence is tackled. Highly recommend!

2. Hush, Hush (mini-review)
Hush, Hush by Michelle Quigley I enjoyed the author’s debut novel, set in Northern Ireland at the beginning of WW II. Molly is normal sixteen-year-old. One night, she is brutally assaulted. What follows is a heart-wrenching journey through anger and denial as the young girl suffers in secret and silence. Molly initially tells her family only that she is pregnant but not about the assault. Sensitively told, this is a compelling story that illustrates the preciousness of every human being as an unrepeatable gift (with a nice plot twist at the end).

3. Georgios (mini-review)
Georgios by A.K. Frailey Interesting, factual, well-researched, A.K. Frailey’s Georgios is a must read for historical fiction fans. The novel takes place in the year 100 AD and our young protagonist has been “destined for greatness” by his family. The Greek boy later discovers that his lineage isn’t what he thought it was. In the end, this unique coming of age story is an inspiring tale for young and old.

4. The Grace of Yes (mini-review)
The Grace of Yes by Lisa Hendey The Grace of Yes is a moving, inspiring, challenging and entertaining look at the virtues. I was especially touched by the personal experiences Hendey shares. The book is beautifully written in conversational tone and is one that can be read and reread over and over. While I loved the author’s other books, this one has become my favorite. Highly recommend.

5. Watershed (mini-review)
Watershed by Neil Hamilton Today and tomorrow this book is still FREE on Kindle. Watershed is a compelling international mystery novel set against the backdrop of the “looming water shortage in the American Southwest.” Hamilton, who is a retired member of the RCAF, uses his military background to create a realistic political mystery that takes place mostly in the USA and Canada. For me, as a resident of the Ottawa Valley, I particularly enjoyed the scenes describing downtown Ottawa and the surrounding area.The writing is solid. There are many characters to keep track of, but the development and dialogue are well done, especially with the main characters. There are, however, numerous swear words and mature situations, so the book would not be appropriate for children and those sensitive to language.

6. Eve’s Apple (mini-review)
Eve’s Apple by Marie Therese Kceif Like many other teens, Marie was rebellious. That rebellion continued into young adulthood and a career in aviation. Abuse, bankruptcy and divorce led her back to God. Eve’s Apple is a witness to how “God gently guides one of His Eves into a slow freeing surrender of a Mary’s trusting yes.” Compelling true story.

7. Backup Cartoon (because I always include a cartoon!)
My children are mostly grown up now, but some days I still feel like I need “backup!”

Copyright James and Ellen Hrkach...please do NOT use without permission

Copyright James and Ellen Hrkach…please do NOT use without permission

Cartoon copyright James and Ellen Hrkach, please do not use without permission

#LTO: Don’t You Forget About Me Only .99!!

DYFAM advert For a limited time only, Erin McCole Cupp’s “Don’t You Forget About Me” (Kindle edition) is on sale for only .99 until Friday! (USA customers only – sorry!!)

Mary Catherine Whelihan made it out of Walkerville alive once before. Can she pull it off this time? Bullies, sexual harassment, finding a corpse in the local creek… Cate’s childhood in 1980s Walkerville was murder! So what could possibly tempt her to return? A cryptic email from Eugene Marcasian, MD, her grade school crush might do the trick. Can Cate and Gene find the cause of the mysterious illness afflicting nearly all of the girls in their graduating class, including Cate herself? Or will corporate bullies continue to take down anyone who gets in their way? More importantly, can Cate stay alive long enough to get one more slice of tomato pie?

Check out the YouTube Book Trailer here:

“Doesn’t signing in at the Technology Annex check-in desk blow the whole cloak-and-dagger bit?”
Gene furrowed his brow for a moment. “I’m not looking for cloak-and-dagger. I just want to buy enough time to get some answers and put a stop to whatever is making people sick. But Mary Catherine—I don’t know what kind of wasp nest we might be kicking at here.”
“Nice image.” My stomach knotted.
Gene gently but firmly grasped me by my upper arms. “I’m not kidding. If what our coffee shop friend said is true…”
I picked up where he trailed off, “Then Walkerville wasps carry some pretty wicked stingers.”
Gene nodded. “I’m willing to give it all to find the truth. I’m not sure I want you to.”
He was right. This wasn’t picking up rocks in Quaker Creek and looking for water pennies. This was digging up what two potentially deadly forces—Big Pharma and The Mob—wanted kept buried.
I forced myself to look directly into his eyes. “Search softly,” I said, “and poke with a big stick.”

Praise for Don’t You Forget About Me:
“This book has all the elements that make a book addictive: a compelling story told well with characters who are unforgettable. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll stay up all night reading.”
Sarah Reinhard, author, SnoringScholar.com and A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy

“This captivating murder mystery made me laugh, cry, and crave Italian food; ‘80s pop tunes are still stuck in my head. If you like mysteries that offer a good mix of suspense and science, don’t miss this book.”
Barb Szyszkiewicz, franciscanmom.com

“Don’t You Forget About Me…is a rollicking fun and exciting cozy murder mystery. The author’s strong and clever command of the written language makes this book an entertaining page-turner. I recommend this highly-enjoyable, cozy, clean, lively mystery to all readers!”
Therese Heckenkamp, award-winning author, Frozen Footprints

“A quirky, fun, mystery-romance that will tickle your funny bone while making your hair stand on end.”
AnnMarie Creedon, best-selling author, Angela’s Song

About Erin:
Erin McCole Cupp is a wife, mom, and lay Dominican who lives with her family of vertebrates in the middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania. Her writing has appeared in Canticle Magazine, Parents, The Catholic Standard and Times, and The Philadelphia City Paper, and she is a regular contributor to CatholicMom.com. Her other professional experiences include acting, costuming, youth ministry, international scholar advising, and waiting tables. Her influences include Neal Stephenson, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Jane Austen. Her weaknesses include iceberg lettuce, frozen drinks, and anything labeled “Visitor Center.” Erin is the author of Jane_E, Friendless Orphan: A Memoir (Broken Wheel Media, 2006), Don’t You Forget About Me (Full Quiver Publishing, 2013), and Working Mother (Full Quiver Publishing, 2014), all available on Amazon. You can find more about Erin at erinmccolecupp.com.

To buy Don’t You Forget About Me (Kindle Edition) for only .99, click here. (USA customers only)