Sunday Snippets – January 29

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If The Morning I shared the lyrics of a pro-life song my husband wrote when he was a teenager. The words are incredibly beautiful and it’s hard to believe he had this sort of wisdom at such a young age. The lyrics are included in my book Emily’s Hope.

God Messaging: Will You Accept the Friend Request Book Review My friend, Dana, who blogs at Catholic Working Mom, has written a beautiful series of essays in this newly-published book. You can buy her book at in paperback and on Kindle.

Wordless Wednesday – Venice For Wordless Wednesday, I posted a few photos from our trip to Europe in 2007. One of my favorite places in Europe was Venice. I especially enjoyed the beautiful outdoor art treasures.

7 Quick Takes Friday For 7 Quick Takes Friday, I shared a post about my son turning 16, my late grandmother’s birthday, a moment that God allowed me to stop and watch the sky, a cartoon, a Skype book club appearance and the CWG Blog sharing my recent bestseller news.

More NFP Humor Another NFP-themed cartoon.

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