SQT – Mini Review Edition

seven-quick-takes-friday-2-1024x727Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at This Ain’t the Lyceum for Seven Quick Takes Friday. I’m using this opportunity to catch up on a bunch of reviews.

1. Opal’s Jubilee (mini-review)
Opal’s Jubilee by Leslie Lynch Opal McBride has paid her debt to society, but it’s only when detective Josh Boone untangles the secrets of her past that justice can be truly served. Beautifully written, this is my favorite book of the series. Lynch is not an author to shy away from difficult issues. In this one, the topic of domestic violence is tackled. Highly recommend!

2. Hush, Hush (mini-review)
Hush, Hush by Michelle Quigley I enjoyed the author’s debut novel, set in Northern Ireland at the beginning of WW II. Molly is normal sixteen-year-old. One night, she is brutally assaulted. What follows is a heart-wrenching journey through anger and denial as the young girl suffers in secret and silence. Molly initially tells her family only that she is pregnant but not about the assault. Sensitively told, this is a compelling story that illustrates the preciousness of every human being as an unrepeatable gift (with a nice plot twist at the end).

3. Georgios (mini-review)
Georgios by A.K. Frailey Interesting, factual, well-researched, A.K. Frailey’s Georgios is a must read for historical fiction fans. The novel takes place in the year 100 AD and our young protagonist has been “destined for greatness” by his family. The Greek boy later discovers that his lineage isn’t what he thought it was. In the end, this unique coming of age story is an inspiring tale for young and old.

4. The Grace of Yes (mini-review)
The Grace of Yes by Lisa Hendey The Grace of Yes is a moving, inspiring, challenging and entertaining look at the virtues. I was especially touched by the personal experiences Hendey shares. The book is beautifully written in conversational tone and is one that can be read and reread over and over. While I loved the author’s other books, this one has become my favorite. Highly recommend.

5. Watershed (mini-review)
Watershed by Neil Hamilton Today and tomorrow this book is still FREE on Kindle. Watershed is a compelling international mystery novel set against the backdrop of the “looming water shortage in the American Southwest.” Hamilton, who is a retired member of the RCAF, uses his military background to create a realistic political mystery that takes place mostly in the USA and Canada. For me, as a resident of the Ottawa Valley, I particularly enjoyed the scenes describing downtown Ottawa and the surrounding area.The writing is solid. There are many characters to keep track of, but the development and dialogue are well done, especially with the main characters. There are, however, numerous swear words and mature situations, so the book would not be appropriate for children and those sensitive to language.

6. Eve’s Apple (mini-review)
Eve’s Apple by Marie Therese Kceif Like many other teens, Marie was rebellious. That rebellion continued into young adulthood and a career in aviation. Abuse, bankruptcy and divorce led her back to God. Eve’s Apple is a witness to how “God gently guides one of His Eves into a slow freeing surrender of a Mary’s trusting yes.” Compelling true story.

7. Backup Cartoon (because I always include a cartoon!)
My children are mostly grown up now, but some days I still feel like I need “backup!”

Copyright James and Ellen Hrkach...please do NOT use without permission

Copyright James and Ellen Hrkach…please do NOT use without permission

Cartoon copyright James and Ellen Hrkach, please do not use without permission

7QT – 7 More Recommended Alternatives

seven-quick-takes-friday-2-1024x727On Tuesday, several bloggers and myself took part in a #ShowUsYourList campaign to offer reading that is good, true and beautiful. My post here at my blog focused on Theology of the Body Fiction. I also posted a similar article at Amazing Catechists, entitled “The Antidote of 30 Shades of Degradation: TOB Fiction” and at Catholic Mom under the title, “Trash or TOB: 50 Shades Versus Soul-Satisfying Fiction.”

Today I’d like to recommend seven more novels that are good, true and beautiful entertainment! Please check these books out!

1. Treason by Dena Hunt

2. Fatal Rhythm by R. B. O’Gorman

3. Hijacked by Leslie Lynch

4. Jane E. Friendless Orphan by Erin McCole Cupp

5. Frozen Footprints by Therese Heckenkamp

6. The Soul Reader by Gerard Webster

7. Georgios by A.K. Frailey


Georgios – Virtual Book Tour

GeorgiosToday I’m hosting A.K. Frailey whose novel, Georgios: Hidden Heritage, is now available both in print and on Kindle! I enjoyed this book very much and found it interesting, factual and well-researched. It is an inspiring tale for young and old!

Georgios was destined for greatness―at least that is what his grandparents told him, his father assured him, and his mother had left embedded in his heart. Living on the island of Patmos in the year 100 A.D. surrounded by the Aegean Sea, he knew the world through Greek eyes, but he also knew there was more to life than a home built on rock. At the age of thirteen, Georgios takes an unexpected voyage, almost murders his first real friend, gets waylaid by Celtic traders, and inadvertently discovers the truth about his father. What he learns horrifies him, forcing him into a decision and an adulthood, he is not ready for. In facing his father honestly, Georgios finds the strength to accept his grandfather’s vision and is thrust into the most dangerous adventure of all.

Amazon Georgios I paperback link: http://amzn.to/1ux0kqi
Amazon Georgios I e-book link: http://amzn.to/1wD0cXt
A.K. Frailey website: http://www.akfrailey.com/
A.K. Frailey Blog: http://www.akfrailey.com/blog/
A.K. Frailey Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/1zuauLC

Family friendly, historical fiction.

“In knowing him so you know Me,
In serving him so you serve Me,
In loving him so you love Me,
For I am in every heartbeat, every breath,
every hope, and every death.
In grief you are born,
But in forgiveness you overcome,
Your life begins,
With God’s love for His Son.”

“A wonderful story of adventure and courage…” Lu Cortese, President of St. Joseph Radio – I.H.S. Productions

“My children love this author!” – Anne Houseal, Retired Army Colonel, Alaskan, wife and mother of four

“Family, rebellion, fierce battles and adventure…something for all readers.” Ann Stock, Our Sorrowful Mother’s Ministry