Unlovely by Carol Walsh Greer – Mini Review

UnlovelyCarol Walsh Greer is certainly an author that knows her characters and especially the main protagonist of her novel, Unlovely. Claudia Milford isn’t just a character, though. She is a your cousin or your sister-in-law’s friend or your brother or…anyone you might know. Like many people with mental health challenges, Claudia’s problems are virtually unknown to her.

For me, the measure of a good book is that I cannot put it down until I’m finished. This book is definitely one of those “can’t put it down” books. The plot is compelling and the characters, especially the character of Claudia, is brilliantly defined and illustrated.

I did find the ending abrupt (I personally like more resolution), and the edition I read had typos and some editing issues (although the author has informed me the typos have been addressed). Editing issues aside, this was an outstanding read and I thoroughly enjoyed this story by a first-time novelist. I look forward to reading more by her. Highly recommend!

To download it, click here. If you’d prefer a print edition, it will be available soon!