Ghostwriting, Book Coaching, Editing Etc.

Besides being an author and publisher, I also offer the following services:

Ghostwriting: I’m an experienced ghostwriter in both fiction and non-fiction.  Here are some of the books I’ve ghostwritten:

A New Lens on Life: Jesus Was My Ophthalmologist by Harry Brady

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you did with Harry’s story! You magnificently brought together the tenses and timelines and gave it great clarity, while maintaining Harry’s unique voice. Can’t thank you enough. You’ll receive one of the first copies!”  Zip Rzeppa, Mater Media

Peace Among the Brambles by May Akonobi

Dancing on Friday by Ida Gravelle

When You Fast by Andrew Lavallee

Speaker: I am available to speak on a wide variety of topics, such as Forgiveness and Healing, Coping With Loss, Theology of the Body, Pregnancy Loss, Responsible Parenthood, Natural Family Planning, Marketing, and Publishing.  I can speak remotely via Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, Zoom or in person in the Northeastern USA and Ontario/Quebec Canada.  Please contact for rates: fullquiverpublishing(at)gmail(dot)(com)

Dynamic Women of Faith - DWF Conference 2015 - International Plaza Hotel- Toronto, Canada

Photo credit: Gustavo Kralj/DWF Conference/Gaudiumpress Images

Dynamic Women of Faith - DWF Conference 2015 - International Plaza Hotel- Toronto, Canada

Photo credit: Gustavo Kralj/DWF Conference/Gaudiumpress Images

Self-Publishing Book Coach
If you are interested in having me coach you as you self-publish your book, I’d be happy to help. Please contact me fullquiverpublishing(at) to find out more information and to get an estimate of cost. Here are what authors are saying:

“What a wonderful journey I shared with Ellen Hrkach. She coached me through the publishing process with skill and encouragement. I truly could not have finished the book without her time and attention.Ellen answered all my emails (many of them containing really basic computer questions) promptly and with precision and care. Most of the stumbling blocks I had to overcome were normal to the work at hand. I needed to know that what I was experiencing was the path of a lot of unpublished, inexperienced writers. I often felt lost and floundering, but, with Ellen’s insight and experience, I was released to continue on toward publication. I am very grateful for her professionalism and kind heart.”
Jane Santa Cruz, From The Smitten Heart

“Ellen acted as our book coach and prepared the manuscript for publication, for my aunt who had written a novel, which I illustrated, The Willow Tree, in 2013. She is professional in her approach and is very knowledgeable about both the overall picture and the details of “self-publishing” and I could not have done it without her help.”
Catherine Blake, illustrator, The Willow Tree

“You made my dream come true, thank you, Ellen…you have been a true blessing to me. I’ve enjoyed every e-mail, phone call and professional criticism with the guidance you have extended to me…my book made BESTSELLER in six days! You are truly an exceptional book coach…I give my heartfelt thanks to you, Ellen, for all your professional and personal support.”
JoAnn Termini-Pira, author, illustrator, Where Did I Come From?

“Ellen has been my book shepherd recently helping me through the maze of self-publishing and guidance regarding preparing a “professional” and attractive book and cover. She has also given me guidance regarding the essentials of online marketing. Ellen is the best in her field and she is an expert in self publishing! I recommend her to anyone who is a new author and wants to self publish. I am so grateful to her for sharing her wisdom and professionalism.”
Gloria Winn, author, Tears

“James and Ellen…were instrumental in bringing this book to life. As an experienced author and publisher of multiple books that promote the Catholic Church’s teachings on sexuality and marriage, Ellen encouraged and coached me through the publishing labyrinth and made the intractable doable. She also lifted up my spirit and gave me the strength to see it through to the end.”
Deacon Chuck, author, The Voices of God

Freelance Editor
I am an experienced freelance fiction content/developmental editor. I will offer suggestions on character, plot, setting, theme and writing style. For more information: fullquiverpublishing(at)

“Ellen provided a thorough editor’s critique of my novel. It was detailed and full of helpful suggestions which I am implementing during its revision. Her professionalism and instruction have aided me immensely in restructuring it. I recommend her highly.”
Marianne Komek, author

Transcriber, Typesetter, Interior Design
I would be happy to transcribe audio files or typeset your manuscript into a print ready PDF or Word doc. For more information: fullquiverpublishing(at)

“I am so appreciative of the beautiful formatting job Ellen did for my debut novel. When it came time to actually format my book for CreateSpace and Kindle I found myself completely overwhelmed. I reached out to Ellen and found her pricing to be very reasonable. Ellen was very fast and thorough. She did everything to my rather exacting specifications. I am so thankful for her assistance in the rather daunting world of self-publishing. I would highly recommend her services to other authors!” Jacqueline Brown, author of The Light

Kindle E-book Conversions
If you need a digital Kindle version for Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Digital Press) Program, I’d be happy to help. Contact fullquiverpublishing(at) for more information.

Marketing/Promotion: I offer help in promoting your book(s).  I help authors organize Virtual Book Tours and Twitter/Facebook campaigns.


Book Cover Design
James Hrkach is an experienced cover designer, graphic artist. He would be happy to design your book cover. Email him: fullquiverpublishing(at)
Check out Full Quiver’s website to see a fraction of the book covers he’s designed.

10 thoughts on “Ghostwriting, Book Coaching, Editing Etc.

  1. JMJ
    Hello, Mrs. Gable! I just wanted to say that I read your book, “In Name Only” and oh my goodness… I LOVED IT! I was on vacation with my family and I was reading it. I one point, my aunt found me reading it in my grandmother’s room and said, “Shouldn’t you be socializing with the adults downstairs?” Indeed… I was enjoying it so much, I couldn’t put it down! I loved how you had David fall in love with Caroline and that God blessed them with many children. I also have “A Subtle Grace”; I was blessed to receive them in the mail at once. I’m eighteen years old and I’ve been blessed to be a Roman Catholic all my life. I agree with you; there’s too much explicit historical romance novels out there, that it not only makes you feel uncomfortable, but it influences you. The way you think and see people, especially the opposite sex, and what your conscience would say otherwise. I’ve read books like Julie Klassen, Jody Hedlund, and Julie Lessman who’ve just gone beyond ‘make me uncomfortable’ to the point where I’ve actually stopped reading and just skipped ahead. Thank God I don’t do that anymore.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and that your books have inspired me to write my own. My family took a Holy Spirit’s Gifts conference two years ago and I found that I have writing as my top most strongest gift God has given me. Almost instantly, the stories flowed. It was like I held a scroll up to God and said, “Hey, Lord! You gave me a gift for writing” and He reached down, gently took the scroll from my hand, opened it up, and using a pen, with gold ink, He wrote down the first novel. And then the next, and next, and next, and next. Later, He returned it to me and I felt He said, “There’s more where that came from.” I’ve always loved historical romance novels, but I’m with you, I hate the fact that authors go, what I like to call, “beyond the bedroom” scene, and just make us female readers uncomfortable. I don’t write novels with explicit sex scenes and when my characters do do sex, it’s when they’re married and it’s hardly detailed. Thank you so much for writing this! I’m sure Caroline and David would tell you otherwise.
    God bless you and pardon the long comment! 🙂 – MaryAnn

    • Hello MaryAnn, thank YOU so much for your wonderful comments! I’m so happy that you enjoyed In Name Only and that you are inspired to write your own stories! Please do keep me posted on how you’re doing! And thanks so much for writing! Blessings, Ellen

      • JMJ. Hi again, Mrs. Gable! SURE!!! Most definitely I will keep you posted and let you in on my books! 🙂 I’ve already written four historical romance novels; my last one turning into a novella to my surprise. That one’s titled, “Bride of the Blacksmith,” in which the big theme ringing through that one is about the Catholic Faith surviving in an abusive marriage. My lead character, Agnes, struggles with her Faith when her husband, Cain, continues to beat her behind everyone’s back and she really asks her priest why she was put in that situation. Without giving anything away, it’s a story I felt God wanted me to write taken from Cain and Abel. No… Cain does NOT kill Agnes! That would be a tragedy! Thank you so much for your wonderful books! I can’t seem to pull away from “In Name Only.” I really like how you allowed God to change David’s character as well as Caroline’s. I’ll let you know what happens next! God bless you and thanks! – MaryAnn

  2. JMJ. Hi again, Mrs. Gable! I just wanted to say that I found it AWESOME that your sons, Ben and Tim, posted for David and Liam O’Donovan for “In Name Only!: 🙂 They did a great job and please tell them that. I also like how they’re encouraging you by posing for these characters. They felt so real; I seriously thought that David and Caroline were right next door! 🙂 I do have a question, though, if you don’t mind. How do you keep your reader interested to keep reading? I’m writing my fifth novel, “A Most Convenient Marriage,” and I’d like to know how to make it ‘engaging’ and a hard read to put down. “In Name Only” REALLY did that with me and I would humbly ask for some tips and/or advice concerning this. I really want to ‘hook and keep’ my readers turning the page and I’d like to know your advice on that. Thank you! God bless! – MaryAnn

  3. Thank you, MaryAnn! And good for you for continuing to write! Please keep writing! Believable characters and situations make the book hard to put down (I think!) Lots of plot points also help to keep the reader reading…

  4. JMJ. Thank you, Mrs. Hrkach, if I can call you that. 🙂 I read a little on your publishing house. If I wanted to publish at Quiver Publishing, would you like me to send in my manuscript via email? I’ve tried Tuscany Press, a newly founded Catholic publisher, but I got a declined for their prize. I was disappointed, VERY disappointed, and it hurt to have that down. So… I thought maybe yours would be another option. I’ve got three novels, including one novella, and am working on my fifth one. I’ve LOVED how your husband’s the cover designer for these books. How would I be able to send in my books to you? Thank you so much! God bless, Mrs. Hrkach! – MaryAnn

  5. Hello MaryAnn, thanks so much for your note! FQP won’t be accepting submissions until Feb of next year. Feel free to contact me then and I’ll let you know the procedure! Usually I only ask for three chapters and a three paragraph synopsis via email. Email me: fullquiverpublishing(at)gmail(dot)(com)

  6. JMJ. I have another question, Mrs. Hrkach. To what extent should the romantic scenes in a story be for Full Quiver Publishing? Say, you don’t want described sex scenes, right? What about rape? Thank you again, Mrs. Hrkach and I look forward to hearing from you! Please pardon the crazy, weird questions. God bless! – MaryAnn

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