To contact Ellen, James or Full Quiver Publishing:

email: fullquiverpublishing(at)gmail(dot)(com)

PO Box 244,
Pakenham, ON K0A2X0

Review Policy:
I love to read and I would be happy to review your book. I prefer fiction but I also review non-fiction and my reviews are honest. I do not review books with graphic sexuality, language or violence. If you want me to review your book, please email first (fullquiverpublishing(at)gmail dot com) to make sure I have the time to review your book. I prefer gift Kindle copies.

Self-Publishing Book Coach
If you are interested in having me coach you as you are self-publishing, I’d be happy to help. Please contact me fullquiverpublishing(at) to find out more information. Here are what authors are saying:

“What a wonderful journey I shared with Ellen Hrkach. She coached me through the publishing process with skill and encouragement. I truly could not have finished the book without her time and attention.Ellen answered all my emails (many of them containing really basic computer questions) promptly and with precision and care. Most of the stumbling blocks I had to overcome were normal to the work at hand. I needed to know that what I was experiencing was the path of a lot of unpublished, inexperienced writers. I often felt lost and floundering, but, with Ellen’s insight and experience, I was released to continue on toward publication. I am very grateful for her professionalism and kind heart.” Jane Santa Cruz From The Smitten Heart

“Ellen acted as our book coach and prepared the manuscript for publication, for my aunt who had written a novel, which I illustrated, The Willow Tree, in 2013. She is professional in her approach and is very knowledgeable about both the overall picture and the details of “self-publishing” and I could not have done it without her help.”Catherine Blake, illustrator, The Willow Tree

“You made my dream come true, thank you, Ellen…you have been a true blessing to me. I’ve enjoyed every e-mail, phone call and professional criticism with the guidance you have extended to me…my book made BESTSELLER in six days! You are truly an exceptional book coach…I give my heartfelt thanks to you, Ellen, for all your professional and personal support.”JoAnn Termini-Pira, author “Where Did I Come From?”

“Ellen has been my book shepherd recently helping me through the maze of self publishing and guidance regarding preparing a “professional” and attractive book and cover. She has also given me guidance regarding the essentials of online marketing. Ellen is the best in her field and she is an expert in self publishing! I recommend her to anyone who is a new author and wants to self publish. I am so grateful to her for sharing her wisdom and professionalism.”
Gloria Winn, author, Tears

Freelance Editor
I am an experienced freelance fiction content/developmental editor. I will offer suggestions on character, plot, setting, theme and writing style. For more information: fullquiverpublishing(at)

“Ellen provided a thorough editor’s critique of my novel. It was detailed and full of helpful suggestions which I am implementing during its revision. Her professionalism and instruction have aided me immensely in restructuring it. I recommend her highly.” Marianne Komek, author

Transcriber, Typesetter
I would be happy to transcribe audio files or typeset your manuscript into a print ready PDF or Word doc. For more information: fullquiverpublishing(at)

Kindle E-book Conversions
If you need a digital Kindle version for Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Digital Press) Program, I’d be happy to help. Contact fullquiverpublishing(at)gmail dot com for more information.


Book Cover Design
James Hrkach is an experienced cover designer, graphic artist. He would be happy to design your book cover. Email him: fullquiverpublishing(at)gmail dot com
Check out Full Quiver’s website to see a fraction of the book covers he’s designed.

14 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Ellen! I just saw Sarah Reinhard’s Tweet earlier today about your new book. I’m the book page editor for the Catholic Post, newspaper of the diocese of Peoria, IL. I write a monthly column that goes in the print Post (circulation to about 60,000 families) and write a blog all month long about the book/theme of the month at

    I would love to get a review copy of your upcoming book. Also, in June I usually do a fiction roundup, and I would be interested in your fiction works as well. Thanks so much!

    Nancy Piccione

  2. Hello Nancy…I’d be glad to send you review copies of all my books, new and old, if you’d like. I can send PDF copies of everything and/or hard copies as well. Email me at and send me your email address for PDF copies or postal address for hard copies. If you have a Kindle, I can also send Kindle copies of my novels. Hope this helps! Thanks so much for your note!

  3. Hi Ellen,
    I bought Stealing Jenny on Ibooks recently and devoured it but it looks like its not on sale there anymore. I was hoping to get Emily’s Hope there as well. Do you know if the Ibook store will have it one day?

    • Hi Michelle…I recently removed my books from Smashwords (which supplies the books to the iBook store because I was only selling three to six per month compared to thousands on Amazon) and enrolled them on Amazon in their Kindle Select Program. Please send me a private email at info(at) to find out how to get another digital copy of my other books…

  4. Ellen, I just joined the CWG. How does it work? I sent in my registration and dues, but I’m uncertain as to when/how I can access the member benefits. Before officially registering, I browsed the website but (of course) couldn’t access anything. I wasn’t sure if I needed to wait for a confirmation of some sort or…? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! My email is jeannie[dot]ewing07[at]

  5. I just finished “In Name Only”, and I want to thank you for an excellent story that expressed your Catholic faith so well. As a fellow believer in Jesus Christ, I have chosen to worship at a Baptist church, but I have always believed that there are fellow Christians in any church that preaches Jesus’ virgin birth, death, burial and resurrection, with Jesus’ blood able to wash all sins away if we repent and accept His free gift of eternal life. Woven into your story are elements of your faith that I have misunderstood, yet you demonstrated them through your characters in such a way that I understood the rationale and possibly even the spiritual application of the practice. ( ex: praying to saints, confession). Again, thank you for a well written story that encouraged my faith and helped me to understand your faithful practices better.

  6. Hello, Ellen. I would like to send you a synopsis for a Catholic Historic Romance novel I’ve been meaning to flesh out and write but I need some help with this! It’s been stuck in me for almost a year and I really would like to have some help with it! I know historic romance is one of your favorite genres and I would love to have this one helped! I tried to email you but the contact didn’t go through. Thank you and I look forward to your reply!
    MaryAnn Sires.

  7. Hi MaryAnn, I’d be happy to help! If you have Facebook, you can contact me there as Ellen Gable Hrkach or Ellen Gable, Author. Or you can try sending an email to my personal email: ellengablehrkach(at) gmail (dot) com. Look forward to hearing from you!!

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