Stylish Blogger Award

Special thanks to Sue of Sue Elvis Writes for nominating me in the Stylish Blogger Awards. See her post here.

She has asked that I nominate five other blogs (below) and tell seven things about myself. My readers, especially those who have read my novel Emily’s Hope, or who regularly follow my blog, probably know more about me than my relatives. But here are some little-known facts:

1. I met and chatted with the tallest woman in the world, Sandy Allen (1955-2008) at Niagara Falls in 1985. I found that aside from our drastic height difference (her 7 ft. 7 in. compared to my 4 ft. 9 in.), we had a lot in common.

2. The two places I would like to travel to (and I haven’t yet) are California and China.

3. I am legally blind without my glasses and was once called “Ellen Keller” by classmates (I took it as a compliment).

4. Like my mother, I usually finish my Christmas shopping before December 1st.

5. In 1979, I had over 100 pen-pals from all over the world. I met my husband through one of these pen-pals.

6. I abhor being late to anything and usually arrive 10-15 minutes before.

7. The very first movie I saw in the movie theater was Lady and the Tramp in 1962 during its re-release.

With regard to blogs, I follow and enjoy many, but here are five of my favorites:

1. A great Catholic pro-life blog by Jean Heimann, which has been around for a long time: Catholic Fire

2. A working mom, Dana Doyle’s, blog, Catholic Working Mom

3. A new pro-life blog: True Love Leads to Life

4. Colleen Spiro’s Blog: Thoughts on Grace

5. A Catholic author and farmer, Christopher Blunt’s, blog: The Yeoman Farmer

I hope these bloggers will nominate five of their favorite blogs and tell us seven things about themselves!

Thank you, Sue!

4 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger Award

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  2. Thank you, Ellen for joining in with the awards!

    I enjoyed reading your facts about yourself. I’d love to finish my Christmas shopping by Dec 1st too. I shall try! I also hate being late to anything. We’re always the first people to arrive anywhere.

    Two of the blogs you mentioned – Dana’s and Colleen’s – are favourites of mine but I haven’t yet visited the others. I shall have to follow the links!

    God bless.

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